A Housley

On my page there are pictures of the actual albums of each song that is listed. Since I included a picture of the album, a synopsis, year released, and genre it narrows down research for the song and information about it (it’s easy to find). I also include the rating of each song on charts, as well as who produced two of the songs. All of the songs featured on my page aren’t just of the requirements, but songs that I like to listen to myself. My page consists of songs that relate to African American history and are interesting to me.

external image s135611.jpg
SONG: Never can say goodbye
ARTIST(S): The Jackson 5
ALBUM: Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5
This song was written by Clifton Davis, recorded by The Jackson 5 and was released in 1971. Never can say goodbye was #2 on the Billboard pop singles chart and #1 on the Billboards black singles chart.

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SONG: Deja vu
ARTIST(S): Beyonce ft. Jay-z
ALBUM: B’day
Released in the summer of 2006 this song was co-produced by Rodney Jerkins. This song was recorded including live instruments, some of the instruments are the bass guitar, conga, hi-hat, horn and 808 ( one of the first drum machines.

external image 1183482981_bobmarleylegend.jpg
SONG: Could you be loved
ARTIST(S): Bob Marley and the walkers
ALBUM: Legend
GENRE: Reggae
Could you be loved was released in 1980 on the album Legend which has many of their greatest hits. Bob Marley is one of the most well known Jamaican artists and this song was one of the top songs on the charts.