Hello this is my Wiki site the music I have put on hear is from Stevie Wonder, Fela Kuti, and Will Smith a.k. "The Fresh Prince". Also the music on hear is often relaxing and but one that one is just funny.

Title: Superstition
Musician: Stevie Wonder
Date: 1972
Genre: R&Bstevie_wonder-definitive-XL.jpgstevie_wonder-definitive-XL.jpgstevie_wonder-definitive-XL.jpg
Stevie Wonder relates to African American music because after MLK died he used his music to help lead the people. He also made sure that they turned Martin Luther King’s birthday into a national holiday. That is why he made that song titled “Happy Birthday”. All the profits from that song went into Turning MLK’s Birthday into a national holiday. I choose the song superstition because that is one of Stevie Wonder’s most famous song.

Title: Zombie
Musician: Fela Kuti
Genre: worldFelaKuti2.thumb.jpg
Fela Kuti made this song. He is African American man he grow up in Nigeria. After awhile he moved to London he got married there and then started a band with his friend J.K. After he had kids he, his family, and the band moved over to America when they got their they were amazed at how big it was then they started their career with nothing.But they made it big.

Title: Fresh prince of Bel Air
Musician: Will Smith
Genre: Hip-Hopwill_smith.jpg
Will Smith might not have been born back when blacks were treated unfairly. But his success is a result of the sacrifices made by the men and women of the "Racial Equality" era. He as a black man has done great things with his life, that men such as Thurgood Marshall and Martin Luther King stood for so many years ago. He is one of the most successful men on the planet right now and he started it all born and raised in Philadelphia. At first he was just a rap icon called the "Fresh Prince"; after that he got his own show then he started doing movies. Will might not have been part of the movement but he sure is a result of it. I like the positive message that he portrays that hard work will reap success. He wen tto acting school, made some huge mistakes around his finances but he learned from those and now he reaps the benefits of his hard work with his work and family. He has a strong work ethic that was instilled in him by his family that he now puts to work with his own family.