India.Arie_-_Acoustic_Soul.jpgArtist: India Arie
Album: Acoustic Soul
Song: Brown Skin
Date: March 27, 2001
Genre: Acoustic Soul
Duration: 4:56

Synopsis: India Arie has drawn an uncommonly broad swath of listeners from lovers of hip-hop, neo soul, blues, and folk. She has become a very troubadour style singer and songwriter over the past ten years. This song from “Brown Skin” was one of her hit singles in 2001 and has contributed to African American history in a very unique way. She has multiple songs speaking on the contributions of African Americans to our society. Brown Skin discusses the beauty of African Americans, mainly women. I believe her goal in this song was to position confidence in African American women and to confide in her people during the struggle she believes we may have.

david_rudder.jpgArtist: David Rudder
Album: The Hammer
Song: Destination Desperation
Date: November 10, 1998
Genre: Calypso

David Michael Rudder is one of the top calypsonians of his generation. In 1977 he joined Charlie’s Roots, one of the top bands in Trinidad and Tobago. He spent many years as one of the vocalist with the band. In 1986 he burst into prominence with his album The Hammer that produced two big hits, the hammer, which was a story of a girl from Brazil who bought a message from a common musical heritage to the Trinidadian people and also Bahia Girl, a tribute to the late pianist Rudolph Charles.

bob_marley.jpgArtist: Bob Marley
Album: Exodus
Song: One Love
Date: 1977
Genre: Reggae

Synopsis: There’s no denying that Bob Marley remains the best- known name in reggae, even more than 20 years after his death. Many of Marley’s songs were written about world peace, social justice, poverty and lots of other issues that not only African Americans but the whole world faced. He became a hero around the third world by writing songs articulating the feelings of the downtrodden across the globe.