Song: Cannon in D-minor (1680 orig; 1692)
Musician: Johann Pachelbel
Genre: Classical
Synopsis: It is a baroque piece of music and has been interpreted by many and have become the base of many modern songs. It is quite often found in movie themes, songs and commercials. Some people actually believe it is the base of all modern music . Cannon is often recognized but sometimes not known by it's name or composer. It is very popular at weddings, especially in the USA.

Song: Cannon in D-minor Remix (2007 orig: 2008)
Musician: Brandon Williams, Patrick Starfish
Genre: Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop
Synopsis: This is a remake of a Classical Masterpiece that was originally made by Johann Pachelbel. It was basically played again, with more of a jazzy, hip hop flow.

Song: Cannon in D-minor Beatbox (2006 orig; 2007)
Musician: Eun Joon, DJ Chang ui Lee, Sookmyyoung Gayabum
Genre: Korean Traditional, Classical, Hip Hop
Synopsis: Awesome Korean breaking with beatbox. It has some traditional korean instruments, that originated from Africa from there original percussion instruments. It also has a blend of hip hop and beatboxing.