Name Celebrate Me Home
Artist: Ruben Studdard
Date (Of Song): 2008
Genre: R&B, Gospel
Synopsis: This song is a remake of the 1976 Kenny Loggins song, it is also the farewell song to this season's "American Idol".

Name Of Song: No Woman No Cry
Artist: Bob Marley
Date (Of Song): 1972
Genre: Reggae
Synopsis: “No Woman No Cry” was (and still is) a very popular song in reggae culture, Not only in Jamaica and the Caribbean but in America and UK also.

Name Of Song: Father We Seek Your Blessing
Artist: Jah Cure
Date: 2006
Genre: Reggae, Root’s Music
Synopsis: This song speaks about poverty, the struggle in third world countries, and the cry of children begging to have a better life.