Cody’s Page

  • In my Music Page, I chose a variety of songs for you to choose from. The music rhythm in the songs flow to the beat of my heart, every note, drum beat, and lyric. Hopefully my songs match your rhythm of music. ENJOY!!!

Song: “The People”
Artist: Common
Genre: R&B/ Hip-Hop
Date: May 22, 2007
Synopsis: This relates to African American History because of the broken down rhythm, first, a primary beat, then it switches up to a secondary but follows the same rhythm, for the third, and fourth. Then repeats the rhythm again.

Song: “Mister Magic”
Artist: Grover Washington Jr.
Genre: Jazz
Date: 1973
Synopsis: The beat stays at a constant rhythm, but there are different solos for the instruments that are in the piece. All of the solos are on beat.

Song: Me He Enamorado De Ti (I Have Fallen In Love With You)
Artist: Arcangel
Genre: Reggaeton
Synopsis: The beat of the song is calming, with the guitar as it goes in the beginning, but as the song plays on the beat gets faster. The rhythm changes from a 4-4, to an 8-8, sort of like a transition.