Song name (date published): What’s Going On? (1971)
Musician(s) name: Marvin Gaye
Genre: Soul
Synopsis: Within the lyricsof What’s Going On? Marvin Gaye speaks about the Vietnam War. He does not talk about African Americans specifically but he does speak about peace how everyone shouldn’t be fighting. He also touches on how we need to come together and find a better way to deal with our problems then going to violence.

Song name (date published): Fuel (1999)
Musician(s) name: Ani DiFranco
Genre: Indie Rock, Folk
Synopsis: In the lyrics Ani DiFranco speaks about people uncovering a slave cemetery. Throughout the song she speaks about how the country is changing. Then she goes back to the finding of the slave bodies and speaks about how we are changing so much we are forgetting about how this country started.

Song Name (date published): La Fama (1992)
Musician(s) name: Héctor Lavoe
Genre: Latin
Synopsis: This song is in the Latin Jazz genre, which is, combined rhythms from African and Latin American countries the term Latin Jazz and salsa are usually interchangeable so you may hear both terms used when referring to such music. You see many of the Jazz parts in this song when the horns start to play. There is call and response between the singer and the horns and also the choruses plays a part in call and response. Also there is a horn solo within the song, which is another part of African music.