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Amy Winehouse

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October 2006
Soul and Vocal Jazz
Amy Winehouse is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter from England. She sings soul, jazz, and R&B.
She was the first British singer to win five Grammy’s in one night. She has a signature beehive hairstyle and is best known in America for her hit single Rehab and then created a remix with Jay Z.

Relation To AA History
The songs starts with a drum introduction and the song is sung is sung in a slow blues type tempo. Then at the hook she uses a call response by claiming what she does, then reponses about how she reacts. Part of the beat has background singers going "aahh aaahhh." Between bars there is a thump of the drum and it sounds like in the back they use a hand drum(bongo). Close to the end they have a saxophone solo and skat in a slower calmer sense. The at the very end they speed up and raise the pitch of their voices.

Before 1973

Roberta Flack

Killing Me Softly(remake)mkoijnbh.png
Jazz and Soul
She was born Feb. 10, 1937 in North Carolina. She sung jazz, soul, and folk.
She is best known for her singles, “Killing Me Softly,” “The First Time I ever saw your Face,” ”Where is the Love?”
In 1974 she won a Grammy for Record of the Year.

Relation to AA History
In the remake of this song They started the song off slow like the orginal, then broke into th beat with the drums and had call and response. They said "one time" and another person said "one time" and continued on into two. They essentially kept the song with additions in between.

Another Country

Destra Feat. Macheal Montano


Destra was born in Laventille, Trinidad and Tobago on November 10, 1977. She is a Soca artist and started singing in 1998. She is under Krazi Music Label and did collaboration with Machel Montano. She is known for her high-energy performances, harmonious
vocals, and eccentric fashion style. She started in a group called Third Base as a lead vocalist and then branched out on her own.

Relation to AA History
In the song they use drums and steel pan, which is a instrument that was originated in Trinidad. There is a call and response between Destra and Macheal and they're describing movements. They use a repetition of words in series of threes.. She starts of slower and then the tempo speeds up.