Music: Hey Big Spender
Written by: Shirley Bassey
Genre: Broadway/Jazz
This selection was created in the 1960’s. The artist tried to combine her type of voice with the music of Jazz. The main focus of this song is for a man who a girls want to get the point across that she isn’t the type to go around from man to man. Mainly to be paid attention to. The type of clothes they wore in the video was an attention grabber. Which came across to me of trying to grab the “Big Spender’s” attention. It relates to African American call and response technique. Its like the women call and try to get a response from the male in the song.

Music: Big Spender
Written by: Freeway ft. Jay-Z
Genre: Hip-Hop or Rap
This updated version of the song “Hey Big Spender” still has the same chorus but just more of an updated rap feel to it. The old song had many versions to it but the main point gets across even in this updated form. This is kind of the response call to the original version because it’s like a response to the statement “Hey Big Spender”.


Music: No Deyen
Written by: Cam ly
Genre: Culture
It about a girl and a boy. The boy like the girl and the girl secretly like him to but she playing hard to get. So he follows her around and she tells him maybe in the future they will get married. This is like African American relationships.