Students from Science Leadership Academy (SLA) have been studying African American history. One thing we have learned is that liberty and equality are central themes in African American history. People all over the world have been concerned with liberty and equality, and various cultures have different ways of addressing each.

We have also learned that a lot of American music has its foundations in African-influenced musical traditions that include rhythm, melody, harmony, and call & response. These musical elements have intersected with their counterparts from all over the world. The result has been such genres of American music as gospel, blues, jazz, rock, funk and hip-hop.

Our ethnomusicology project is designed to demonstrate how African American history has influenced, or been influenced by, music from all over the world. You can click on each of the links to learn more about each genre of music, listen to music, or read lyrics. Enjoy.

Fig. 1: Alphabetical listing os students' pages.
Anthony C
Ashely H.
Amber H.
Ashley M.
Ashley W.
Aidan J-F
Brandon W.
Beth K.
Cameron C.
Charles L.
Cody N.
Dylan A.
Danielle D.
Eddie A.
Emily M.
Harrison T-R
Jibao Z.
Jennie A.
Lenea H.
LeeAnn N.
Muhammad W.
Oliver D.
Oswald D.
Ralen R.
Steven F.
Sophia M.
Sky K.
Taniera R.
Taylor V.
Gamal S.

Fig. 2: Alphabetical listing of available songs, by genre
Kyrie Eleison
Blues Music
Mister Magic
Can I Get a Witness
Buffalo Soldier
A thousand miles
Do you believe in magic?
Hinei Zeh Bah
Poem in mixed Hungaro-Turkish language

Everyday I Have The Blues
Cannon in D Remix
One love
Dream On
Feel Good Inc.
Kyrie Eleison
Sing For The Moment

Got My Mojo Workin'

My Girl
The Price of Freedom
Long Way to Go
Me Hi Enamorado De Ti
Feel Good Inc.

Glory Box (Portishead)

Save the Country

Feel Good Inc.
New Soul
Tengo Tantas Ganas (2008)

Glory Box (Martyn)

The People

Purple Haze
Strawberry Fields Forever
Glamorous Sky
La Fama

We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue

What's going on?


Escribeme Pronto

Tangled Up in Blue

Gone Going

When The Levee Breaks