The Way That I Love You:
Artist: Ashanti
Written By: Ashanti Douglas
Published/ released: Jan 29, 2008
Genre: R & B, pop
Synopsis: This song has a 4/4 beat rhythm. The song has a sense of call and response with the lyrics during the chorus: Ashanti sings “The way that I love you” and background singers repeat on a higher note. This song has a simple beat that is joined with more complex instruments during different periods of the song.

Three Little Birds
Artist: Bob Marley
Written By: Bob Marley
Released: 1980
Genre: roots reggae
Synopsis: It has a 4/4 rhythm. There’s call and response between the instruments through the whole song. The lyrics of the song portray a view of reality, with a sense of hope.

My Girl:
Artist: The Temptations
Written by: Smokey Robinson and Ronald White
Published: 1964
Genre: R & B
Synopsis: This song relates to African American History because it has 4/4 rhythm. The instruments used in the song are:
The lyrics to the song tell a story.