Well on my page I have what was asked. What was asked for us to do was to create a Wikispace on Ethnomusicology. We basically had to find any song from anytime, anywhere, and a song from anytime, anywhere before 1973, plus a song from anytime, anywhere except US, UK or other English-speaking countries (unless the song is in another language and/or about an indigenous culture). The basic meaning of the project is designed to demonstrate how African American history has influenced, or been influenced by, music from all over the world. Below I have a song from 1973, the more modern version of the sing, and a song that is from Vietnam.

Song: Tengo Tantas Ganas (1973)
Musician: guitarist Rafael Melero, bassist Javier Morales, and drummer Miguel Garcfa.
Genre: Latin
Synopsis: This is a very interesting piece. This song Tengo Tantas Ganas is Spanish for I have such temptation. There was a song in the genre of hip hop with the same name, but I could not find it. So this song was remade and used to make Latinos more modern.

Song: Tengo Tantas Ganas (2008)
Musician: did not say
Genre: Latin
Synopsis: This is the same exact same thing as rap in Spanish. In African American culture they turn things into raps to get the point or purpose to the younger ones. This sort of the same thing, but there is no point to this song it is just a song expressing emotions.

Musician: MiNH TUYET
Genre: Vietnamese